Corporate breakthroughs


National breakthroughs

1. Strategy

Strategy formulation: structuralist approach vs. reconstructionist approach. Six paths to reconstruct market boundaries. Strategic canvas. Customer experience cycle. Buyer/user utility map. Identifying pain points. Strategic map. The basics of strategic project.

2. Projects

Defining project objectives, deliverables and success criteria. Decomposing desired results into a product breakdown structure. Formulating an action plan for project implementation. Effective and efficient use of resources to achieve maximum results, faster.

3. Finance

Drafting and optimizing project budgets. Budgeting basics. The impact of the project scope and scale on the budget. Financial sustainability of the project. Separating the fixed and the variable costs. Reaching the break-even point.

4. Implementation

Business process reengineering. Operationalizing the ultimate goals. Identifying and evaluating the risks. Risk management techniques.

5. Team

The challenges of leading and managing a project team. Problem solving. Creating evaluation criteria and mechanisms for motivation of the team. Exchanging feedback.

6. Communications

Communication strategies for institutions, personalities and projects. Communicating change. Crisis communication. Strategic dialogue.

7. Reflection

Evaluating project outcomes. Drawing conclusions and articulating lessons for managers.

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